Dedicated Engineering Teams
Our Team of engineers is assigned to each partner, following partner's practices, methodologies, standards and culture. Most of our engineers have master in computer science.
Our service
A dedicated team is a perfect tool for costs reduction, tax optimization, as well as for the facilitation of HR and accounting processes.
Quick Dedicated Team Setup
For customers who are faced with the need for rapid scaling of their development team, we provide remote dedicated personnel, that are fully committed to your project.
Without spending a lot of precious time searching and hiring your own employees, you can start working with your remote team in a few weeks.
Our process is as simple as it can be and consists of only a few steps:
— Getting detailed requirements.
— Putting the team together.
— Coordinating all developers with the client.
— Get to work.
Reduce Expenses for Recruitment
You will save not only financial resources for recruiting and on-boarding staff, but also precious time, having received a ready-to-work team within a few weeks.
There is no need to search for people who will participate on the project.
StairwaySoft will provide you with highly qualified specialists in the field of cutting edge technologies.
Of course, there are additional savings on workspaces, office expenses, training and introduction to your company's processes.
Long-Term Cooperation
Instead of managing a large team of developers, you get one point of contact — a project manager who keeps you abreast of all the affairs on the project and provides all the necessary information.
While working on a complex project, it is not recommended to change developers.
We are also interested in putting together a team that will be with you for as long as necessary.
A team is the most valuable asset so we won't randomly reassign personnel, but instead we'll keep them dedicated to your company.
Get in Touch
We respect your privacy, and will not share your information with any 3rd party without your permission. Our corporate security policies and procedures ensure prevention from loss, misuse or unauthorized distribution of any business-sensitive information you share with us.